Expertech provides integrated FM services for all types of properties through,

  • MEP and spaces Maintenance services
  • Health & Safety
  • Pest Control
  • Landscape and Garden areas Management
  • Environmental & Cleaning Services
  • Administration, Customer services & Help Desk


ExperTecH Services Elements,

We start the project from handing over phase, and performing sites snagging and operation recommendations.

Evaluate FM requirement for the project scope of work regarding manning, materials, tools, equipment, transitions, etc.

Expertech determine scope of work to cover all site functions



MEP & Spaces Maintenance Services,

  • Maintenance Services for all types of buildings by Duty Technicians or Scheduled Visits.
  • Expertech operating and maintain all MEP Systems
  • Creating Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • All the preventive procedures according to the equipment manuals and standards
  • Manage the day-to-day activities of engineering team.
  • Supplying Spare Parts for the Corrective Actions
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports for the maintenance progress
  • Creating all paper works and documentation and filing system belong to the maintenance progress
  • Providing site spaces civil maintenance (Painting, Polishing, Welding, Decorations, Gypsum, Carpeting, Floors tiling and marbles)


Housekeeping Management Services,

 Provide housekeeping and cleaning services with professional supervisors and well trained workers to ensure keeping the property organized and cleaned.

  • Supplying all types of chemicals and housekeeping materials
  • Using cleaning equipment matching with all types of properties and sites
  • Expertech performing cleaning activities according to the plans and work instructions
  • Using the right chemicals and materials according to the type of the facility
  • All chemicals used for cleaning is licensed by ministry of health
  • All used materials and chemical usage according material safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • Expertech applying cleaning safety procedures and cleaning cautions
  • Expertech can manage any irregular cleaning such as oil cleaning or chemicals removing


Pest Control Services,

 Prevent the property from all types of pests and insects

  • Applying the right procedures for all types of sites and locations
  • Expertech use all protection principles to control all insects categories
  • The protection including all service areas such as mechanical plant rooms, high tension rooms, electrical rooms/manholes, risers and all back and stuff areas.


Landscape Management,

 Managing Landscape, Lawn Care, Grass care and trimming

  • Operate & Maintain Irrigation networks
  • Apply periodic fertilization to treat and save the landscape
  • Apply the periodic disinfection to protect the landscape from insect and any infection or fungal disease

“All used materials & Chemicals Used in pest control and landscape licensed by ministry of health and chemical usage according material safety data sheet (MSDS)”